Are you new to the war game Clash of Kings? Do you wonder why you get constantly attacked by Chinese in your Kingdom? Are you confused about how Chinese players think and act in certain ways? This beginner’s starting politics and culture guide is essential to help you grow and further advance in the game if you like Clash of Kings. Follow all the tips mentioned on this guide to avoid being targeted by nutty Chinese players, especially at the beginning of the server.

Please note that we do not encourage discrimination or social divide with this strategy guide, but rather practical ways for you to survive in the game world of CoK. And always remember, who ever has the strongest base and alliance will typically be able to set the rules in war game like this, so make your judgement calls accordingly.

No matter what you do and how you do it to grow your little base. At the end, you want to stick with the most powerful alliance in your Kingdom. Everyone else will simply become farms and punching bags.

Chinese vs Non-Chinese Politics
Due to the fact that Clash of Kings is heavily advertised in Asian countries, specifically China, you will encounter a huge Chinese player base who will form automatically “national” pride alliances against all foreigners or non-Chinese. This initial effect can place some heavy handicap towards anyone who does not speak Chinese in the game of Clash of Kings. It’s important to note that Chinese is different from Koreans, Japanese, or Vietnamese although they all are Asian.

This culture will immediately force you to pick a side at the beginning of the game, you can either be a low profile and low key player and join a Chinese alliance. Or you can try to stick with non-Chinese alliances and try to fight your way out. Please note that some of these tips can conflict with one another, for example, if you choose to hide yourself within a Chinese alliance, you probably should avoid joining non-chinese alliances.

The first stage of starting out in a new kingdom or server is to be as low key as possible. You can either join a Chinese or Non-Chinese Camp and try to grow as much as you can.

Joining Chinese Camp
The key is to be as low key as you can through the start of the server. Joining a Chinese alliance is one way to disguise yourself and be safe. Below are some of the pointers that you should follow.

1. Pick a Chinese Sounding User Name
First of all, if you simply want to grow and experience Clash of Kings. Pick a Chinese sounding name is the first and most important thing to do. With the Chinese language, you can consider logging in the game with Facebook, and simply copy and paste “any” two character of other player name. In most cases, any two character combinations will still make sense.

2. Joining a Chinese Alliance Tag
Next, join a Chinese looking alliance, consider going after mid ranked Chinese alliances as they are usually less active, and will probably overlook that you almost never talk. Joining a big Chinese alliance early on can be risky because most players are active, and they will start wonder about you.

3. Avoid Talking At All Cost
DO NOT talk anything at all. Once you say something of another language, you are done being in the Chinese alliances. Chinese players intentionally only talk in Chinese “even” if they understand other languages. This is one of the easiest way for Chinese to determine chinese vs non-chinese. Avoid talking in Alliances, and especially the World Chat. You never want the Chinese to find out that you are not Chinese at all.

4. Do NOT Attack Another Chinese Looking Player
Never ever attack another player inside a Chinese alliance or even a Chinese looking name. Most players will make major drama when attacked. Attacking a Chinese early on is a sure fire way to get yourself found and singled out.

Stick with Non-Chinese Alliances
The second way to start playing in a new server is that you stick with the non-chinese camp. However, you must make sure that the non-chinese has a few or more Wallet Warriors to counter the top forces of the Chinese. If you notice or observe that there is no early contenders, just switch to a new kingdom and wait.

To avoid getting “hate” from Chinese players, you should remain low key and joining a non-chinese alliance with members of low key.

1. Do Not Use a Chinese User Name
Follow all of the tips as if you are to join a Chinese camp, minus having a Chinese name. If you are joining a known non-chinese alliance, having a chinese can still get you attacked by being “a spy” or “traitor”.

2. Follow All Rules of Being Low Key
Avoid talking in World Chat using your native language, unless your alliance is so big that it can kill all Chinese Alliances in your Kingdom. The Chinese players are very territorial towards world chat. Do not Attack nor scout any chinese player nor alliance unless you are willing to go to war.

3. Understanding the Financial Advantage and Power of Chinese
Throughout the life of the server, especially during the beginning stage, you will have players who are willing to spend obscene amount of money. Chinese players call them “rich guy” and English players call them wallet warriors or whales. Avoid getting in the cross fire of these money warriors early on is key to your growth and sanity. If you really want to fight money versus money, you should be prepared to spend upwards of $1,000 to $3,000 to win the fight. In some cases you may have to throw in $10,000 to get a guaranteed win.

Next, Chinese players have much better financial advantage to your normal Apple iOS or Android game play. Chinese players have another platform namely WeChat where they can get “rebates” or “cashback” when they recharge money. In some cases they can get consistently 50% discount with their cash exchanges. This means that you will most likely end up paying more to fight against Chinese who pay half of the cost.

The good news that these “wallet warriors” typically do not last very long in the server. They typically burn out after spending money up to their limit after a few weeks, they get tired and move on to the new Kingdoms. Your primarily goal is to last until most of these fame seeking money bags quit your Kingdom. And try to find one guy that will last and be in the same alliance with.

4. Responding to Chinese Civil Wars and Internal Dynamic
During your game play, you will most likely encounter Chinese alliances fighting one another. One reason is that Chinese as a group does not exactly get along neither, there are different type of players and personalities just like any other war game. Another reason can be a political power struggle between mainland China and Taiwanese players, we will not go into details about the struggles here. But the basic is that Alliances disagree with one another over physical background, decisions and resource tiles and they fight. Sometimes they may even ask you to help them.

The best way to respond to this request is: Stay Neutral. Never ever take side of any Chinese civil wars. As a group, they will never really fully kill and destroy one another. You may find that after putting your forces into the Civil war, they will end up banding together to fight against you at one point or another.

Hunting Alone Against Player Hives for RSS
As the server matures and most wallet warriors quit, you will now definitely have to pick a side to continue your growth in terms of Resource generation. Higher level castles can take obscene amount of resource to grow and upgrade, this is when you really have to pick a side and pledge your allegiance to.

The easiest way to grow in the game is by targeting player’s farms for their resources. If you are in a much stronger alliance, you can go out and hunt by yourself, however if your alliance is much weaker, consider dropping your alliance tags to do so, to avoid major counter attacks against your alliance.

Figuring out alliances and their “farm” alliances and steal their RSS before they do is the key. You should typically combine the power of Random teleport and advanced teleport to accomplish your goals.


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