Are you new to the game of Clash of Kings and don’t know how to change your player name? We have the guide for you. Follow these in game screenshots to learn how to change your base or lord name.

When you first start the game after a few quests. You will get an item called Lord Rename. You can then use this item to rename your Lord or your base. This will be the name that as appeared on the Kingdom map or from Chat. Note if you have renamed your Lord once for free, the second time rename will require a gold cost of 200.

Lord Selection CoKLord Screen CoKLord Rename Screen CoK

You can also access the Lord rename item via your item bag:
Item Selection CoKLord Rename Item Bag CoK

How to Buy Name Change
After you have used your free Lord Rename item, you can purchase more Lord Rename item either via Item Shop or Alliance Store with Honor Points.

Lord Rename costs 200 Gold from the Item Shop
Lord Rename Item Store

Lord Rename costs 40,000 Honor Points from the Alliance Shop.
Lord Rename Alliance Store CoK


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