Are you new to Clash of Kings and want to learn how to teleport, or how to obtain different kinds of teleport in the game? We have the guide for you.

Different Types of Clash of Kings Teleport
Newbie Teleport:
Random teleport that allows you to switch Kingdom.

Alliance Teleport:
Allows you to teleport near the range of your alliance leader.

Random Teleport:
Teleport you to anywhere randomly on the Kingdom Map.

Advanced Teleport:
Teleport you to a specific location on the Kingdom Map.

Starting Out and Kingdom Teleport
The only way to jump to another kingdom in Clash of Kings is only possible at the beginning stage of the account. When you first start the game, you have a time window of three days and a castle limit of 6 to teleport your base to another kingdom. It is possible with Newbie Teleport.

Newbie Teleport is a “Random” teleport that allows you to jump to another kingdom. To use it, select a different Kingdom at coordinate selection if you wish to play with your friends. In addition, you can use it as a “random” teleport to get into a better area with higher level resources.

Start Coordinate CoKSelect Coordinate CoK

It means that you will not be able to get to another Kingdom to teleport after level 6.

Getting Your Free Alliance Teleport
When you join your first alliance in the Kingdom, you will be rewarded with a Alliance Teleport. This is a teleport that force you to teleport near your alliance leader. The location of the teleport is prefixed, with the exception that if there is no available spot near the leader, you have some wiggle room to move your base to try to find a spot next to leader.

Alliance Teleport CoK

It should be noted that the teleport invite does not do anything other than letting your alliance member know where you are.

Getting Your Free Advanced Teleport
If you are following the kingdom’s base quest line, you may be able to receive an advanced teleport after being attacked 3 times by enemy.

To Use an advanced Teleport, tap on a location within your Kingdom to see a teleport button.

Advanced Teleport

When you teleport, you must make sure that teleport onto the plains not on top of resource tiles or wild monsters, or you would fail and see invalid operation.

Zero Defense and Forced Automatic Teleport
It should be noted that you can “force” inactive castles out of your area by constantly attacking them. A completely zeroed defense castle will automatically be randomly teleported.

Other Ways to Get Teleport Item
There are several ways to purchase or obtain Clash of Kings teleport items as followed:

Random Teleport:
100K Honor from Alliance Store
500 Gold from Item Store

Advanced Teleport:
400K Honor from Alliance Store
2000 Gold from Item Store

Purchase from Packs:
Certain packs will offer either random or advanced teleport.

Event Prizes:
Some events offer teleport items, especially the holiday themed events.


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  1. We should be able to buy transport for kingdom to kingdom. Make it pricey. You guys make money from people like myself that are coiners and we have the option to leave a boring kingdom and not lose our castle we have spent so much time and money on. Give us options. Or give the people of COK a chance to vote on the matter. Give us change.

  2. how can i teleport one kingdom to another?
    Game says i can only teleport with castle level ‘5’,But System only give 3 Days to teleport and 2000 gold is required.
    3 days has been expired…………
    i can not gather 2000 gold in 3 days.
    What to do ?

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