Do you wonder about the bonus and different vip points required for the levels? Learn about the various boosts and privilege that comes with the system with the best VIP guide for Clash of Kings.

VIP Introduction
VIP level requires VIP points to level up, you can also gain increasing higher daily VIP points with your daily login streak. You will then need to “activate” VIP with VIP time items.

Monster March Speed Bonus0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%50%
Recovery Speed of Stamina0%10%12%14%16%18%20%22%24%26%
Instant Building Speedup67911131517202530
Total Resource Income4%6%8%10%12%14%16%18%20%25%
March Speed Bonus00005%6%7%8%9%10%
Total Marches0000000111
Troop Attack
Defense Bonus
Hospital Capacity Bonus00000000030%
Troop Health Bonus00000000015%

VIP Points and Store Cost
You can purchase VIP points via the store with gold. The cost is as followed:

100 VIP Points:
150 Gold

300 VIP Points:
400 Gold

1000 VIP Points
1000 Gold

1 Day VIP
250 Gold

7 Day VIP
1500 Gold

30 Day VIP
4000 Gold

When your VIP level reaches max level 10. You can upgrade it to SVIP and get more boosts. However, it should be noted that the SVIP timer will costs significantly more.

Accelerate the Material Queue5555101010121215
Rally Troop Upper Limit100002000030000400005000060000700008000090000100000
Enhance Training Speed10%10%10%10%12%15%
Increase Troop Health16%16%16%16%17%17%17%17%17%20%
Marching Troop Upper Limit5000600010000
Increase the Plunder Load5%5%5%5%10%10%10%12%12%15%
Pre-set Marching Group Number1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece2 Piece2 Piece2 Piece2 Piece2 Piece2 Piece
Infantry Attack Increase2%2%2%2%5%5%5%5%8%
Archer Attack Increase2%2%2%2%5%5%5%8%
Siege Engine Attack Increase2%2%2%2%5%5%8%
Cavalry Attack Increase2%2%2%2%5%8%
More Materials Queue2 Piece3 Piece4 Piece5 Piece6 Piece6 Piece6 Piece6 Piece6 Piece6 Piece
Super RallyComing Soon
Auto Resource CollectionComing Soon
Automatic Training QueueComing Soon
Switch Two Talent SetsComing Soon
SVIP's Exclusive ShopComing Soon

SVIP Points and Store Cost
100 SVIP Points:
2500 Gold

200 SVIP Points:
5000 Gold

300 SVIP Points:
7500 Gold

500 SVIP Points:
11000 Gold

800 SVIP Points:
16000 Gold

1 Day SVIP
250 Gold

7 Day SVIP
1500 Gold

30 Day SVIP
4000 Gold